BREAKING NEWS Out Of Kansas City! This Is INSANE!!!

BREAKING NEWS Out Of Kansas City! This Is INSANE!!! KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Friends and family of a utility worker
who was shot and killed on the job are still trying to come to terms with what happened. Johnathon Porter was shot and killed Tuesday
morning near 9th and Brooklyn. His family and friends said it was all because
he refused to give his killer a cigarette, KSHB Local News reported. “He was way too young to die, was about
to become a father next month and had recently moved to Kansas City to work for InfraSource,
a sub-contractor for Spire Energy. He’s a really good kid. If you needed anything, he would help you
out and for somebody to come up and shoot him because he wouldn’t give them a cigarette,
it’s just mind-blowing and saddening.” ~ Jordan Schwartz, Porter’s friend. Tuesday morning a black male in a blue hoody
approached the men at the work site, he approached Porter and asked for a cigarette. Porter, who doesn’t smoke, told the man
he couldn’t help him. The community should be outraged and demanding
justice, most instead hide from the truth. This young man was working and these men and
women who do this job have to work extremely hard to provide the civilians with electricity. I truly hope people have had enough of this
and start demanding justice and the right to open carry. The passer-by “walked away and then turned
around and shot him,” police told Porter’s mother, Lindy Porter. 23, year-old Johnathon Porter dies on the
way to the hospital, all because a scumbag criminal was denied a cigarette. InfraSource said in a statement Wednesday
it’s offering grief counseling to all of its employees in the Kansas City area. Infrasource construction sites generally have
either private security or a sheriff deputy on site, due to the areas these hard-working
men and women have to perform their job. For whatever reason, there was no security
on the site as of yet. The company has also established a memorial
fund through the United Way of Greater Kansas City. Porter’s mother wishes the gunman had known
Porter, because then he surely wouldn’t have pulled the trigger, she said. “His smile would light up the room. … He was just perfect. Everybody who knew Johnathon absolutely loved
him. He was just the sweetest boy.” Porter grew up in Appleton City, about 80
miles south of Kansas City. As a child, he’d often pull his mother into
spontaneous dancing, “no music or anything,” Lindy Porter said. He loved art, and his mother recently found
some of his old drawings hung up on a wall in his closet. “Course I laughed at it at the time, but
now it’s something I’m never going to paint over,” Lindy Porter said. Kansas City Star It is common practice for companies that have
to work in Kansas City to provide armed security for their employee’s. Kansas City is notorious about hiding their
news, pushing their homicides into the shadows so that the rest of the nation is unaware
of just how bad it is. What throws people off on the homicide numbers
yearly, is KCK is literally split into two, there is Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City
Missouri. For 2017 KCMO, Local Fox News reports that
149 people were killed in homicides this year, the highest total since a record 153 in 1993,
at the height of killings fueled by crack cocaine and gangs. Nearly half of the city’s 2017 homicides
remain unsolved. There have been 208 homicides in the Kansas
City Kansas metro area in 2017. When will people wake up and realize that
these thugs and scumbags need to be cleansed out. Law Enforcement is a reactionary force, in
other words Law Enforcement is called in AFTER a crime has been committed. Why do people never ask, Why do we tolerate
these criminals and gangs? We know where they are, we know who they are,
yet nothing happens. With violence and hate boiling over in our
nation, everyone should be trained to conceal or open carry. God Bless his family and friends, his co-workers
and his unborn daughter. This is beyond a tragedy and senseless. OVER A DAMN SMOKE! TRAIN HOW YOU FIGHT, FIGHT HOW YOU TRAIN. DO NOT BE A VICTIM.