Breaking news: New governor makes arrival in Cayman

Fifty eight year old former British Ambassador to Peru Anwar Choudhury arrived here Monday morning at the Owen Roberts International Airport to take up his post as the 13th governor of the Cayman Islands. Here, Mr. Choudhury arriving, getting off the plane as he stepped out with his wife, Momena and his three children, including a baby, to the delight of some of the watching crowd. As you can see, Mr. Choudhury walked out and saw some of the armed guards here from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. He also met with some of the MLAs during a review. After that he was whisked off to what will be his new home for the next three years, at least, on Seven Mile Beach, at the
governor’s official residence. The formal swearing in for the new governor
will be held at the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly building in downtown George Town
Monday afternoon. Mr. Choudhury will be quite busy for most of
Tuesday and Wednesday. He’s holding a series of meetings involving Cabinet members and
senior civil service officials. Then on Wednesday, the governor will head to
Cayman Brac and Little Cayman for a full day visit there. Mr. Choudury has a lengthy and distinguished
career in the British Foreign Service where he has worked in both the South American and
Asian continents, as well as in Europe. He was the U.K.’s Peruvian
ambassador starting in 2013 until taking up the post here, in Cayman. For full details on this story, please check
the Cayman Compass online. For now, reporting at Owen Roberts Airport,
I’m Brent Fuller.