BREAKING NEWS !!! N-CORE 001 Watch Hit Kickstarter

the n-Core 001 watch is an
ultra-modern accessory piece that takes a different
approach to displaying time to keep wearers reminded that time itself is but
an illusion it designed by Sylvain Lacroix based in Paris France
the watch has hit the Kickstarter campaign which is now available to back
with earlybird pledges available from 150 euros or roughly 131 pounds the
n-Core 001 watch has a simple aesthetic that is achieved with complex components
that create a watch unlike any others on the market featuring a texturized
3-dimensional face and curved hands the timepiece puts a focus on simple
aesthetics to make it applicable for consumers of all kinds n-core 001 is
an everyday watch that is exclusively designed for NATO straps giving it a
mild field feel but it can quickly turn more classy when you switch to a leather
one the design features a three-dimensional dial and curved hands
a constant reminder that time is dimension itself nobody really needs a
watch nowadays so it’s set out to create a very wearable piece of design that is
not minimal but is thought of as a proper product that looks great from
every angle that’s is just the idea of looking at the watch more than at time