BREAKING NEWS: Livestreams nicht mehr ohne Rundfunklizenz?

Those state institutes virtually declare Twitch channels to be commercial broadcasts. So, hello! We’ve got a breaking news! There’s an update to the state institutes that required PietSmiet to have a broadcasting license. Everyone only assumed that this affected the “PietSmietTV” channel that is broadcasting 24/7. But now Peter Smits has received a letter from the media authorities in which they declare that not only the 24/7 channel would require a broadcasting license but also their main Twitch channel “PietSmiet” that is a regular Twitch channel like any other aswell It’s not on the air 24/7 but shall also require a broadcasting license. If it’s the case that a regular Twitch channel that is only used casually requires a broadcasting license then it’s a requirement for *every* Twitch channel that is based in Germany. And besides the fact that such a broadcasting license costs real money there are also completely different and more complex restrictions related to this. “Then every Twitch channel would require a youth protection agent, for example” “Before 10PM it wouldn’t be allowed to…uhm…” “Before 10PM it would only be allowed to broadcast G-rated content” “You would have to…” “It will be completely the same as TV” “including everything related to that” “as soon as you’ve got a broadcasting license.” “and apparently it’s not only about it being 24/7” “because we’re not broadcasting 24/7” “but casually if we want to.” According to that, every German Twitch streamer would have to register their own TV station. And as the case with PietSmiet shows the media authorities are already reacting and trying to enforce the existing laws. This really is bad nows for every streamer that now possibly are moving in a legal grey area and can hope for not being the next for getting a legal warning. If they say that a regular Twitch channel like PietSmiet’s requires a broadcasting license then other streamers can not feel legal anymore. If this regulation is enacted in this way it could also virtually be seen as a ban of livestreams because only few streamers could afford a broadcasting license with such costs and such regulations. Today we can only rule that out and say: The message that PietSmiet received today affects *every* livestreamer that are streaming from Germany. In the end one can only hope that it’s a huge mistake of the authorities Anyway, it’s a topic that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. And those responsible should find a reasonable solution instead of breaking a fly on the wheel. And I say thank you for any kind of attention I wish you a wonderful morning, noon or evening rate the video and see you soon. Fare thee well! Your HERRNEWSTIME!!!