BREAKING NEWS Lionel Messi ‘sent Neymar Whatsapp message’ Leaked announcing Barcelona leaving date

Lionel Messi sent me myrrh hats it
message announcing Barcelona leaving date Messi reportedly pleading with
Neymar to quit PSG and return to Barcelona and revealed when he’s
planning on leaving the Nou Camp Lionel Messi has revealed to former teammate
Nimr when he plans on leaving Barcelona the argentine star has spent his entire
career at the new campus is rated as one of the greatest players of all time he’s
won a record six Ballon d’Or Awards along with four Champions League final
victories and ten La Liga titles but it could all be coming to an end soon with
Messi said to have told pal namer he is off in two years time late last year
France football magazine reported the Barcelona star had pleaded with a
Brazilian to return to the Nou Camp following his 198 million pound switch
to PSG in 2017 that’s because he wants neighbored to succeed him as the
talisman at the club friends football claimed to have seen a link whatsapp
message from Messi which read only together can we win the Champions League
I wanted to come back in two years I’m leaving and you’ll be alone you’ll take
my place namer was strongly linked with a return to Barcelona last summer but no
deal got done Barca did sign Antoine Griezmann go joining the sea Luis Suarez
and else main Dan Belling a fearsome attack Philippe Coutinho departed on
loan for Bayern Munich to help finance the deal Messi has previously revealed
he came close to leaving Barcelona in 2013 the 32 year-old told local radio
station rac1 in October last year he was unhappy being badly treated by Spanish
tax authorities and wanted out sincerely at that time I thought about
leaving he said not because of Barcelona but because I wanted to leave Spain I
didn’t want to stay here any longer I had my doors open to many clubs but I
never got an official offer because everyone knew I really wanted to stay
this situation went way beyond my feelings for Barca he added my idea is
to stay for many years I’ve always thought this way and nothing has changed
it’s clear that my idea is to finish my career at Barca especially because of
what I feel for the club and for my family we are very happy in Barcelona on
Nimr he added I think that Neymar regretted leaving FC Barcelona from the
first day he realized that he was wrong I didn’t criticize the board for not
signing Nimr I was not part of the negotiations