BREAKING NEWS !!! Lenovo Yoga 330 Convertible Laptop Launching Soon

Lenovo has unveiled a new convertible
laptop in the form of the Lenovo yoga 330 this week which is expected to
launch very soon although no confirmed release date or pricing has been
announced as yet by Lenovo the yoga 3 300 measures 2 9 4 X 2 o 4 X 17 point 9
millimeters in size and weighs in at one point to 5 kilograms with a 360 hinge
allowing it to transform from laptop to tablet when required the yoga 330 also
features a redesigned touchpad for more precise user interaction as well as an
ergonomic keyboard to provide extra comfort during those longer sessions
powered by an Intel Pentium silver CPU the yoga 330 is equipped with an 11.6
inch anti-glare touchscreen display offering
users a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels and comes supplied preloaded with
Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 home operating system lenovo offers a number
of ram options including up to 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram to be installed
storage is also available in 32 64 and 128 gigabytes emmc or if you’re looking
for more space at 256 gigabytes at a solid-state drive is also available the
rechargeable battery is capable of providing up to 6 hours of use and has
been combined with fast charging technology connections on the
convertible laptop included the USB 3.0 with always uncharged 8 USB 2.0 type c
hdmi 4 inch dash 1 card reader and of course the obligatory audio jack
interface you