Breaking News! Hurricane Michael Will Hit USA 11 Carnival Royal Caribbean Ships In Area

it’s Bruce here with traveling with
Bruce what a story we have brewing here today October the 7th 2018 we have a new
storm called Michael you can just see it in the bottom left-hand corner as i zoom
in here this tropical storm just named a couple of hours ago is going to become
hurricane Michael and you can tell here that it’s going to remain over water
today Sunday Monday and Tuesday Wednesday turn into our hurricane in the
Gulf of Mexico and slam into the USA the issue of course is for me following
cruise ships what’s gonna happen with all these cruise ships in this area
right now there are 11 cruise ships that are either coming to or going from this
place right here Cozumel Mexico and this is where the hurricane is forming as we
speak the beautiful warm waters off of the Yucatan Peninsula and it’s just
gonna get stronger and stronger and stronger the the direction of the
hurricane is north but it’s barely moving and therefore it just has time to
accumulate strength gain a lot more power the rains will become heavier the
winds will become heavier it’s going to be a potential nightmare we’ll have to
watch how this plays out the ships involved just to give you an idea how
many we’re talking about here Royal Caribbean has two ships in the area this
week Liberty of the Seas and brilliance of the Seas those are the two that Royal
Caribbean has but for Carnival have nine ships that are in this area and the
ships are the Carnival Vista the Carnival Valor the Carnival Freedom the
Carnival sunrise the Carnival Paradise the Carnival Glory the Carnival
sensation carnival fantasy carnival dream these ships are all either going
to be running five or seven day cruises throughout this area of the Caribbean
through the Gulf of Mexico and they will have to either divert their itineraries
perhaps as simple as just change course and move out of the way of the hurricane
or they may have to cancel ports of call and go elsewhere you haven’t heard
anything yet from Carnival we’ve not heard anything yet from Royal Caribbean
we’re waiting to see what these two cruise lines are going to announce to
everybody but I can tell you for sure that the scene that you’re gonna see
right here will not be part of your cruise if you’re on one of these ships
this is not gonna happen to you you’re not gonna be in this kind of scenario
they’re just going to avoid these storms and they’re gonna try to take you to a
place that’s well kind of like this this is the kind of seas that carnival and
Royal Caribbean like to take passengers to it’s easy on the crew easy on the
passengers it keeps them on the pool deck and joining themselves and spending
lots of money on drinks here’s the brilliance of the Seas this is exactly
what this ship is designed to do pull up to a port relax and do nothing this is
what you want right here anyway we’re gonna find out the next day or two just
what’s going on this storm as I say is growing now it just became a tropical
storm the winds just broke the 40 mile an hour level you’re going to go up to
over 75 miles an hour by the time to get into the Gulf and we’re gonna have to
find out what the Cruise Lines want to do about avoiding this hurricane this is
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