Breaking News! CMV Vasco Da Gama Loses Power Off Australia Coast Passengers Call For Help

it’s Bruce here with travelling of Bruce
we got a story here about the Vasco de Gama cruise ship Houston we’ve got a
problem no power off the coast of Australia by the way thank you folks for
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really appreciate it here’s the story folks cruise marine voyages ship Vasco
de Gama is on her last day of a 59 day voyage from London to Adelaide Australia
his ship went through the Panama Canal and through the Pacific on a fantastic
trip of touted as a luxury voyage and all went well until just this morning
few hours out of Adelaide when the power went off the ship was dead in the water
there’s the map right there you could see all the various stops along the
route this official statement from cruising marine voyages says that cruise
marine voyages cruise ship Vasco de Gama went into a controlled precautionary
blackout this morning at approximately 5:45 whilst sailing in the vicinity of
the part of Adelaide local authorities were notified of the incident as a
precaution by the ship’s captain cold word send out the top boats tugs bring
up the tugs an alarm light on the engine control rooms panel led the vessels
officers to indicate a control blackout as a precaution against damage to
systems on board and in order to investigate the alarm translation the
light went on shut everything off we don’t know what the problem is
all precautionary post incidents checks were completed with no causes for
concern identified power was fully restored later in the morning and the
vessel vessel resumed sailing towards the port of Adelaide for its scheduled
itinerary there’s a picture of the Port of Adelaide that’s the qe2 sitting there
just so you know the ship did make it into the port of Adelaide four hours
behind schedule passengers were not amused they were calling on cell phones
to media outlets on land to find out if they could tell them what was happening
because the crew was not talking everything went dark the hallways went
dark no toilets were working no power no food no nothing and no
announcements and the passengers were rather upset with this hours long delay
and like I said they started calling media just to see what the heck was
going on good news the ship made it in it wasn’t that far offshore and now the
journey is over and everyone is safe that’s the story today about the Vasco
de Gama cruise ship just off of Adelaide Australia thanks for joining me today
everybody have a good one bye for now