BREAKING INTO PRISON!! Escaping YouTube Hacker (24 Hour Challenge)

hey guys you’re now strapped on to our
RC car I’m gonna send you out through the tunnel and into the prison remember
to document everything you see what’s going on guys Papa Jake here and
we are back and guys if you have not been following this series things have
been getting crazy okay we just escaped from prison and we were able to just go
and find a secret laboratory with some valuable information we now made it out
and we were heading back home but guys things have been weird looking one
filming so we just got out of that weird creepy science lab and it’s raining
there is a huge torrential downpour guys we had to break out of prison but while
we’re there I think we learned a few key important clues as to what’s been going
on first up it looks like whoever these creepers are they’re trying to steal our
thoughts they’re putting something on our head and using it to like take our
brains or our ideas it’s almost like they’re targeting youtubers and maybe
trying to get I don’t know better ideas for videos and not only that guys but
we’re also were able to break in the secret laboratory where we found a
journal in that journal there’s a bunch of information that we’re gonna get to
in a little bit but before we do that I went ahead and I pulled you guys on the
YouTube channel we asked should we just get in this car and drive home but no
Logan they didn’t want that okay they said we need to go back to the prison
and break back inside to find out more information that’s crazy
hey guys I know you’re asking a lot but I think we can do it I think Papa Jake
can break back in the prison I think we can put this to an end I think we can
find out the final clues and put together who this hacker or Game Master
is which way do we go good question Jake I don’t really know
where we are guys this is really freaky we’re like in the middle of a forest and
it is a torrential downpour okay but if we’re gonna do this if we’re gonna find
out the information that we need it’s gonna have to be back in that prison
which means breaking back there the prison but Logan there’s one thing I
know about Prison Break you back in is just as hard as breaking out if we’re
gonna get in there’s no way we’re doing that without being noticed but there is
one thing about these creepers you may have noticed they all wear black capes
that they all have masks on there’s no way they’ll be able to tell if it’s us
or them so you’re saying we have to steal some of the creepers outfits
exactly guys if we can steal their outfits we might be able to sneak back
in without them having any idea we’re doing it it’s a bit of a long shot but
if we can pull this off we’re gonna need some supplies though we’re gonna need
something to make a distraction some for surveillance and we’re gonna need to
set a trap that’s a lot of stuff there’s got to be something in this forest I
mean there’s a ton of abandoned buildings here I’m sure we can find
something all right Jake so which way are we gonna
go camp out anything here my let’s take a right in see if we can find in a
banding building or car or something okay we really I’m so 3gq rain starting
to die down we have to make our move soon guys all right so it’s really hard
to see with the rain but just over that hill there that’s where the prison is
that’s what we’re breaking back into but look see that that’s the runoff pallet
all the water in the prison right now probably not the best thing to be in but
it’s gonna be the way that we’re gonna break back into the prison now we’re
gonna have to get past the guards which means we’re gonna need to capture their
disguises we need two things we need reconnaissance and we need some way to
create like a distraction so that they come over and we can steal their stuff
search the building look and see if we can find anything some duct tape all
right got ourself some duct tape oh dude must be one of the remote cars
okay we strap the viewers to this car but you’ve said them you’re the tunnel
and you guys can do a reconnaissance mission for us tell us what we’re gonna
see that way we’ll know exactly what we’re getting into and exactly where
they’re hiding their secret note okay keep walking around scrubby some
more stuff in here something in there this walls like busted room looks like
it animals in there guys as of right now we have our paper the
car which wait load we should check it as batteries cool oh oh yeah we’ve got
batteries and this thing looks like it’s all-terrain which means it shouldn’t
have a problem getting through this water let me spin that off and preserve
the batteries that’s why would these creepers pick
this place to build their base of operations this looks like an old
run-down town that they made a prison in I mean that sounds like a perfect place
to make a run-down prison it’s a rope in here we could use this as a trap drop a
couple creepers and then steal their outfits so that we could sneak back into
the prison now what we need is a distraction because some other place
here we can look Jake where did you go there are be some supplies in there
something we could use be quiet though I don’t know if any of the creepers are
around here we don’t want to make too much noise they lurk them to where we
are there’s definitely gonna be looking for us look over here alright if it has
some supplies left into the truck it should have some sort of signal flare
something but this is an abandoned truck and it has any sort of supplies left in
it the one thing you’ll have is some sort of signal flare something that it
would use like a first-aid kit or something try looking around
you can find it hospitals jammed up garbage bag anything behind this panel
starring shut something in here guys something we
can use we cheek I think I see something you got
in the glove compartment it looks like a smoke grenade
it must be signal smoke we could definitely use this they see this
they’ll have no other reason to come running okay all right let’s get this
out of here keep it dry let’s get back to that house and use it as our base of
operations okay and there we go everything we need to bring back into
this prison let’s start with the RC car and get a good look as to what we’re
walking into also maybe we can figure out where
they’re keeping these files or secret information but we’re gonna need your
help guys whatever you see on this you need to climb up below now we Scout
strap you guys to the top of this and hope I can drive it into the prison all
right guys here now strapped on to our RC car I’m gonna send you out through
the tunnel and into the prison remember to document everything you see and tell
us where they’re hiding good luck guys bring the outside all right guys here
you go here’s the tunnel you have to make the other side without us I know
you can do it hi guys looks like you’ve been able to
find out some extremely important information this could definitely be
where they keep their documents and other important information we need to
break into the prison and go to this room we have one other problem though
guys there is a lot of guards there if we can avoid them using a disguise then
we can definitely get past them and into the control room that’s what our
distraction plan comes into play what we’re gonna do is take this smoke
grenade and set it off outside here once the guards start running we’re gonna use
the string that we found and pull it knocking them out thus giving us a
chance to steal all of their equipment once we put it on
we’ll simply walk into the prison and they’ll have absolutely no idea that
we’re a bunch of imposters look if we just up the smoke grenade off right
around here we can use this as a pulley system from here to there you can hide
in there and I’ll hide behind this bunker it’s a bit of a long shot but if
we can knock them over we can steal their gear okay guys we’re gonna do a
test in three two one that will definitely work now we see the set off
the smoke grenade to lure them in okay here goes nothing in three two one
smoking it’s going alright here we go guys that’s your work at the signal oh okay we need to get their gear and move
quickly I think the prison will notice a few guards missing and all this smoke
alright crab big here come on let’s get it on I got all the gear on now for the
mask you look just like them it’s kind of creepy they almost forgot dick I
think we look like the creepers now oh yeah we definitely do this is gonna work
once we’re in there we can make our way into the room but remember these guys do
not talk so when we see them we gotta use sign language and make sure we blend
in alright guys here goes nothing oh look at there this five the prison
just up ahead I have normal broke are developing
enough does he wants to play basketball Jake
just get to that room Jake whatever information that hiding must be
inside to see the rest of the room maybe it’s something else is here maybe Keith
or a cold or something else wait this is the camera that they were using to film
you there’s anything on that that we can use we need a code guys we need we need
a code somehow we look at who do we know that’s found a bunch of codes related to
the hacker Chad Chad Chad wild clay right you must have some meet you you’re
right guys Chad wild clay comes across all this sort of information babe maybe
has a code that we can use for the same I don’t have a phone I have no way to
text him but I might be able to use this video to get in contact with him guys I
need you to go to his video maybe in his most recent video he’ll have some
information on the code to this state you need to go there and get the code
and bring it back to us okay if you can get it in time you might be able to get
inside the safe I need you guys to go now and do that and quickly guys we
don’t have that much time we need that code from Chad wild clay latest video
comment it below and we should be able to use in the beginning of the safe