Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
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we make these videos to help you guys to understand about the kids living
lifestyle which I’m living ketogenic lifestyle
Pat’s living a low carb lifestyle and we why should say we I always try to take
credit for it Patrick scours the internet looking for
ideas articles videos talking about either keto a low carb and sometimes it
brings them to me because they’re just amazing articles and sometimes it’s
because they’re making some kind of mistake so why don’t you let me know
what’s happening today the source of our chat this week is not an article
actually is comments that I saw on your videos people get like stuck on the keto
lifestyle they get on plateaus so I thought we would like help our viewers
to see like what because what what can be causing what’s happening so so so did
the viewers give us details no I’m just like I’ll say general jump like in
plateaus so I thought first of all before we give these plateaus I think we
should okay yeah yeah let’s go and define what let go what is it okay so a
plateau is going one month where your weight doesn’t change but neither does
your dimensions so you’re one month you’re not losing weight you’re not
losing inches okay that’s my definition and I heard another doctor define it
that way as well that’s a plateau okay a week is not long enough Teresa’s not
long enough three weeks is not long enough it needs to be a month okay
so okay I guess my next question would be what differentiate of plateau versus
being at your goal you have to know what so I would yes so basically I would need
to know my goal is so for example and and so this is where it comes becomes
tricky right because I’ve said this a bunch of times a doctor can’t tell me
what my goal weights supposed to be I need to look at how my body feels and
what’s happening with me and to determine whether or not I’m at
get spot or not so as you’re saying what happens if I still have ten pounds to go
and I stop losing and I feel amazing and so I feel amazing like physically I feel
like I like the way that I look but I’m still ten pounds away from my my ideal
scenario right so so so if yeah so basically if you look how you want to
look and you feel good and you’re like ten pounds away from that weight goal
maybe this is your body saying you’re good
stay there stop everything’s right a little bit of extra weight for encases a
monsoon or something right now your body doesn’t know that the fridge is stocked
with food and that’s not gonna happen right so it could be that it could go
too far first of all what I want to cover with
you like is I’m not sure if you I think you you did but like I said you go what
but I’ll do a person knows like you want to do a recap okay so because we I
didn’t do a video about how to set you go so you probably probably will link it
up there but just to do brief there’s a weight range that we know is healthy
right typical so we’re always trying to do
human race versus violet so there’s a weight range for someone my height that
doctors believe is healthy human race but then there’s violet when I am at a
certain weight how do I feel when I am at a lower weight how do I feel
mm-hmm when I’m in the middle of those two weights how do I feel so part of it
is me recognizing that yes there’s this weight range that I’m gonna make an
attempt to be somewhere within and then we’re adding to that okay when I get
down close to that weight do I feel okay so do I have energy do I feel strong is
my body lactose is there still inflammation happening or no so like if
there’s still information I’m probably still have some more work to do
right so choosing the correct diet matters in this situation right because
I could be at the correct weight and have a bunch of information which was my
20s by the way I was at the completely perfect weight and had information out
the wazoo so it’s not only a weight thing and this
is where I always come back to it’s like the weight is is a one of the markers
that we use but then I also tell people to check out your clothes fit I also
tell people to check how your body feels because the other thing that matters is
how much muscle you have on your body see that’s another thing that I want to
point out is that you know during ski season for example when well depending
on how much longboarding we have to do in the summer like I have more muscles
sometimes than other times depending on what part of the season like you know
fall winter sorry fall and spring our times where I have a little bit less
muscle mass because I don’t have activities that I like to engage which
was the whole reason for putting the gym in my house we’ll see if that works out
this year but so like trying to figure out and find the ways to keep your
muscle mass is important but a muscle mass will also determine how much you
weigh right because I can look really good in my clothes and have more muscle
on me and weigh more so I’d be on the scale and it will look like maybe I’m
overweight but in actuality when you look at me you can see whoa no she’s not
avoid because she has more muscle than fat so a member okay so our number on
the bow the scale is murder scale it’s not like shouldn’t be how do you what
you talk to person that like will say to you I want to get to 150 pounds for
example this is this is right this is where I say that so is it a plateau if
my goal was 150 and I get to 160 and I actually look good and I feel good I
have no inflammation and maybe I even have more muscle than I used to have
then maybe what’s actually happening is that I’m supposed to be 160 ok great
like a guy could actually be the answer that with my muscle and you know like
that I’m supposed to be 160 alright and that number is gonna change over the
course of years to come right because maybe I’m gonna go into my future and I
might have a little bit less muscle then I’m probably gonna weigh a little less
all right if I continue to eat the same way I might go into the future and I
might have a bit more muscle and I might weigh a little bit more but still look
like look front so my clothes I still fit me great but I have more muscle now
right so it depends you know what the funny thing is about living a healthy
lifestyle the more you do it the more enthusiastic you are the more you do so
physically so like if you think about it like how much activity you do today like
I’m I was always the crazy active active person but how much activity you do
today now that you’re healthier yeah and you’re doing much more than other than
what I used to have to drag you to go do right so it’s like it just is it’s just
reality you he actually goes the stuff on his own without me whereas before it
was like are we going are we going they go had to be like us going together
free to do stuff and I you you go you do stuff so like it’s it’s reality the more
healthy you feel the more stuff you do so there’s a lot of people out there who
feel like they’re plateaued because they’re out of ten pounds more five
pounds more but they’re not counting the extra muscle that they’re actually
carrying because they’re doing more all right that’s different than being
plateaued when you still have a lot of weight to lose which I know you’re going
to talk about eventually but you do you still need a goal or like you could just
address the the the situation by just changing your lifestyle and see what
happens like is it so that’s what I like to encourage people to do okay like but
I do feel there’s still value in having some kind of idea right but for me the
ultimate marker of good health is that waist to height ratio when you’re at 50%
you know that you got it right right if you’re not at 50% you have some work to
do but like so this is where again how your clothes fit how like how your waist
versus your height if I check my waist to height ratio and it’s 50% or less
whether I’m at that number that the doctor said isn’t the point right
because it’s just probably means I have more muscle now than I have when I
started this process because I’m Kame or maybe I’m playing more with my
kids and I’m rolling on the floor and little blood like all that stuff is
exercise we don’t count it but it is my mom is so much stronger than me
why she always has a grandchild in her arms always one kid here one kid there
up and down the stairs that my mom is so much stronger than me because she’s
always carrying somebody around I don’t do that I had one kid and I don’t carry
her around anymore this is like you know like it’s amazing
to me how much stronger she isn’t me but she’s always carrying somebody she’s
always exercising always grandchild great grandchild what I wanted had is
your say your body is not stupid like it knows what it needs to do mm-hmm so so
because you’re talking about the ways to hike we see a ratio I feel like your
body’s gonna tackle like the visceral fat like it isn’t gonna tackle what
makes your tummy stick out before it gets like fat from your leg if you don’t
have much or your arm or so so you should like that’s a good indicator
because you should see results like in your tummy area first I don’t know if
I’m making sense in what I mean you will see a lot of positives happen in the
places where you need the most work first so that’s another good reason to
talk about stalls and you’re gonna I’m gonna crack to it that in a second but
so you’re right like a lot of times people will notice that their stomach is
coming down what seems like a faster rate than the rest of their body fat but
this is where I come back to how do I look in the mirror right because if I’m
if I lose my stomach and my stomach is all nice and fat but I still have excess
weight on me that now I’m looking I’m still not like feeling healthy if I
still have inflammation because I still have all this extra on me don’t forget
fat we we don’t think about this often but fat cells actually produce
inflammation it’s part of their process I’m not really sure why they do it but
they actually do produce inflammation so like having less fat cells on you or or
smaller I should say fat cells on you helps you to have less inflammation so
if if your end result is you feel maybe
that you’re a little bit bigger but you don’t have inflammation you again you
might be at just your correct weight it doesn’t necessarily mean that so and I
guess we’ll talk about these things afterwards but it’s not like you
couldn’t push through a stall if you wanted to get down a little bit lower
but I’m encouraging people just to consider for a moment is it possible
that this is where I’m supposed to be so it’s a question mark how are my clothes
fitting do I have the correct height tool sorry do I have to correct waist to
height ratio like if these things are okay then you might be wanting to
consider that okay maybe this is just my weight do I have more muscle on me okay
so let’s say you’re stalling and you don’t feel like you’re you got to your
to your goal so if it’s an actual sauce so like I’m actually still didn’t
demonstrate you know you can change your your eating habits you’re still eating
the same thing you didn’t change your urine the same you’re saying I’m still
eating keto you’re still eating cute when you’re stalling okay so if I if I’m
eating a good a well-formulated ketogenic lifestyle and I want to stop
stop so let me just say this part first my first thing for people to do always
verify weigh your food for about a week and just verify am I putting on my plate
what I think I’m putting on my plate because what I will say is that I find
the people who stall the most often are the people who after two or three months
of doing keto think they’ve got it and just start throwing things on their
plate because I know what to do and then next thing you know they’re not there
you go they’re not they’re going to it included reading into the process
they’re going to intuitively eating too early in the process and they really
can’t tell if they’re and so they’re over basically they’re over and
interestingly enough if I’m only one or two months into my ketogenic journey
then I don’t have flexibility so when there’s too many carbs there my body
just goes back to doing what it normally does because after one two months you
shouldn’t be stalling basically like what do you say like a month’s worth
well like you’re a month number three and you’re not moving at
there’s something something happening there right now so that’s that’s the
first thought the other thing so let’s say let’s say that you weigh your food
and everything and okay you know it seems like everything’s okay you you
could be in that situation where you’re just one of those people that 20 isn’t
your number your number might be 15 your number might be 10 right like some
people 20 isn’t their number okay you know this is part of the reason or if
you’re doing that carb maybe that you should be doing total carbs so it
depends what depends where you are in the in your story this is the part of
the reason that dr. Westman always tells us that dunno he says start with 20
total not net because 20 total guarantees that you’re really keeping
your carbohydrates extremely low so if you’re doing 20 total and you’re not
moving as he would have suggested then you take five off and you do 15 and you
see what happens right chances are you gonna start to move again so all this
really means is that your hyperinsulinemia insulin resistance is
actually hyperinsulinemia so your hyperinsulinemia was that high so it was
you had that much damage that your body of course you change anything your
body’s gonna lose but like if you if your hypertension Lima is really bad
eventually you’ll have to push even harder to get to that so this is part of
the reason I said you know the average person who is just a little bit
overweight can do low carbonyl problem and solve their life and like go for it
and you could do 125 and be okay because if you just have a little bit of
weight to lose and you don’t have any diabetes or any kind of signs of heart
issues or blood pressure issues or anything then if you do a low carb
you’re taking so much out that you’re gonna lose the way and you’re gonna be
fine right but if you have significant weight to lose if you have a significant
inflammation if you are pre-diabetic or have like major insulin issues happening
taking it down to 20 might not be enough right so I can only really tell if I’m
measuring weighing my food all right then I’ll be able to verify okay I’m at
20 is I have to go the lower-right people will look at that and say what’s
not working it’s not that’s not working that’s how much damage that we’ve done
over 20 30 40 years thing is happening it’s not weight loss for now cuz have
that work that actually I even looked in her inner logging app and everything
looked fine but she was moving and I say like just keep keep pushing because like
your buddy ice might be doing some things yes Mike
might be repairing like something internally you have to persevere this is
the other thing that people don’t know I’m sorry I was cutting off but this the
other thing people don’t know like sometimes your body is working on cardio
vascular repair or cell repair or tissue repair that we didn’t feel the problem
yet but is that you know I am I went to a conference and I was talking to dr.
Silas Silas and them one of the things he said to me in a conversation was he
said people want to behave like if they can just eat sugar and then go for a run
and the sugars out of your system he’s like no you ate it you ate it it’s
affecting your cells right you can burn calories but the sugar is still in there
damaging things so we have to be conscious of the fact that after 40
years in my case 40 years of eating rice almost every single day yeah my body had
a lot of repairing to it and it’s still I see other thing I want to make sure
people understand my body is still I’m a year and a half in and my body is still
repairing still rebuilding it takes seven years to get a new body I will not
be comfortable with the idea that I have full flexibility back until I passed
seven years because I’m being honest and realistic with myself if there are any
cancerous cells still floating around and they’re waiting to wreak some havoc
and I stopped being good at year three I’m feeding those cancer cells some
sugar to live them give them that possibility of proliferate
again so I really want to help people I’m not trying to be I was kind of
fearmonger I’m just trying to be realistic if it took 40 years for me to
do all this damage do I think I can reverse it in a year right is the same
thing I tell clients to come to see me for psychological stuff you’re not going
to change something that you’ve been doing for 40 years in three sessions it
takes time it takes practice it takes effort and this is the same thing I’m
feeding my body and my body is not gonna tear down the building that would kill
me it’s gonna slowly slowly do spot repairs until it finally gets to the
whole building so keep that in mind everybody you actually need to rebuild
and it’s rebuilding piece by piece so if you’re honest all it could be that today
your body decided to tackle this part of you and for the next week it’s tackling
this part of you because it’s that important for it to fix this so you can
move on so the only thing like we could say because I was wondering is there
like some kind of a jump start or a little electroshock we can give to the
body to try to to to restart the process let’s say you lost weight actually you
went into that like losing weight losing phase and then you’re stalled but you
still like everything is looks good like you see there you can be at your your
your goal or you what your body is like comfortable with but like is there a way
with but you do you recommend like just Boop still pushing the low carb right
okay so I understand you well you’re saying that gives there way the
jump-started so that you’re back to losing weight through yeah okay yeah and
there is actually okay so because what you could do for my 10 pounds that I so
so what you could do there’s a few different ways like I said taking your
grams of carbs is lower just like dropping it more okay alright but the
other thing that you can do is allow yourself to fast right because if you
fast most people if you do a fast especially if you do an extended fat so
again you have to consider and look at your situation look your lifestyle a lot
of people naturally fall into what they call timers
stricted eating anyways where you’re eating two or one meal a day so that’s
time restricted eating so what you could do is plan to have a day of no eating
and then see how that affects you so it could be that just doing one day of not
eating allows you body to go in and start pulling the fat again
right so I honestly believe that that could help you to just kind of kickstart
being back in a losing phase but if that doesn’t solve it you can do a little bit
of longer fast instead of doing 24 hours you can do 36 right it’s just about
pushing your body to the point where it starts to pull fat from storage again
but if you are in the situation where maybe you’re doing this lifestyle but
you’re still doing three meals rather didn’t do a fast
I would really push you to consider doing two meals a day and and when I say
two meals a day what I mean is instead of doing three meals so breakfast lunch
supper that you either do breakfast lunch or lunch supper please don’t do
don’t do breakfast supper a lot of people have attempted to do breakfast
supper but the problem with that is if I’m gonna give my body the opportunity
to have two meals a day I would also encourage you to give your body the
opportunity to continue to do the cleanup that is trying to do by doing
lunch supper or breakfast lunch I give myself a good like 16 18 hours of not
eating and that’s like that sweet spot for a toffee and apoptosis to happen to
clean up cells and to really do to make your internals be more healthy your body
needs to not be processing food processing food is very energy intensive
cleaning up cells is very energy intensive right the one other thing that
I’m gonna say that could possibly cause a stall that I just thought about as I
was saying that you might totally be eating the right amount of carbs 20
grams of carbs or less per day but you might actually be eating too much fat
sometimes when were following what’s being told to us on the internet we
believed that we should be eating more fat than we actually need to be and
that’s problematic so the other thing that I would do is if you’re adding so
if you’re on a stall and you’re adding fat to your coffee or eating fat bombs
or adding still still adding fat to your meal so like let’s say you’re eating a
steak but you’re still pouring fat on it or putting butter on it or you know
adding bacon to everything I would just stop doing that if you eat dietary fat
your body will not take it from you from your fat storage so that would be the
other big issue that I see because I do see on online when people are talking
about how to do a ketogenic lifestyle they call it a high-fat lifestyle it is
not a high-fat lifestyle it’s a low carb healthy fat lifestyle it’s a moderate
fat lifestyle and I really I don’t know how people decide circling at a high fat
lifestyle it’s healthy fat so but somehow you know this terminology has
come into place but you should be eating a moderate amount of fat with some of
the fat coming from you and I’ll tell you right now even when you get to
maintenance which is what I’m in I’m still not eating high fat I’m eating
moderate fat right like so people are mistaken when they think this is a high
fat am i eating more fat than low fat people are eating so the standard
American diet low fat people yes if we compare that diet to what I eat a
thousand percent I’m eating high fat according to them but it’s not a high
fat diet when you eat a steak or you eat a pork chop or you eat some chicken and
you just allow yourself to eat the fat that was on that meal that’s not a high
fat diet okay so a couple things to remember if you stop tracking get back
on tracking that’s the most I think important thing to do just make sure
that your your serving size are still the right size and weigh your food it’s
not just tracking it’s weighing the food weigh those vegetables push back on
lowering duck if you if you’re doing it completely
correctly and you you’re still stalled so if you weigh those foods and you’re
good maybe lower your carbs however before you lower those carbs you might
want to double check your fat as I just remembered so check my fat first make
sure I’m not overdoing the fat but I would reverse it I would double check my
fat first and then I would if I push my car because you might be lowering your
carbs for no reason and really it is the dietary fat that you’re eating that’s
keeping you at the same way in taking ok and last not lastly because I think we
should all do it like once in a while but fasting is how good a good it’s all
yeah allowing yourself to do some some time restricted eating I think would be
absolutely normal and and healthy at the stage where you’re comfortable and able
to get between meals like double checking if you can actually let’s say
you wake up in the morning just see one laughs you need that first meal some
people are afraid of this because they work and like they’re not sure like if I
miss if I miss breakfast like I have to wait till lunch and it might be a bit
scary but if you have the possibility of bringing some nuts with you or even a
hard-boiled it’s like two hard-boiled eggs that if you do get hungry you could
eat those eggs it doesn’t take a long to eat a hard-boiled egg you choose to but
what I’m saying is that I actually think a lot of people would make it if they
tried but they’re so scared to try so if you bring yourself a nice like two
hard-boiled eggs that’s probably what you would have for breakfast anyway and
just bring them with you and if you see it you see if you make it all the way to
lunch then you know guess what I can make it to lunch and that fear can go
away if you need to eat the eggs at least you didn’t eat them first thing in
the morning right so you still gave yourself a bit more time of autophagy
and apoptosis happening so that would be the other piece of the puzzle yeah so obviously
there are things you can do to get through a stall and to help yourself to
get to that healthy weight that you’re trying to get to if we didn’t name
something that you actually do please put in the comments cuz the more we
share information and help each other the better we’re all going to be you
know we can actually learn from each other I’m really happy with this
I thought it went really good I appreciate that you guys made it to the
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