Balmain Slammed For Darkening Model Cindy Bruna’s Skin For Runway Show – News Today

Balmain is being accused of using blackface on one of its models as part of its 2019 Haute Couture collection. See the controversial look here. Overall, Balmain‘s Paris show, which debuted their Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Menswear and Spring-Summer 2019 Couture collection back-to-back, was widely lauded for being futuristic. However, some fans have accused Balmain, and its creative director Olivier Rousteing, of using blackface on models in the 2019 Haute Couture collection — most specifically on biracial model Cindy Bruna. Balmain apparently whitened the skin of white models and darkened the skin of black models, but some felt he went too far in this instance and that it constituted blackface. As a result, so many fans took to Twitter to express their confusion and upset. @AlexusBrownX wrote, Balmain is out here painting models to make them appear dark skin now? This has reached a new point of weird.” @FilmsNMusic tweeted, “um I take back my balmain compliment bc what was the reason for this…” @Helmuwutland echoed this sentiment, writing, “we went from valentino casting 45/65 models of color to balmain doing blackface in ONE DAY W-.” And @Vulgaire wrote, “Soooo we’re gonna obsess over Balmain like they didn’t just straight up put blackface on the runway?!” Meanwhile, upon further digging, it would appear that makeup artist Val Garland might have had a different motivation for this look that many believe is tantamount to blackface. In multiple posts on her Instagram depicting the controversial look, Val used the hashtag “Statuesque,” so perhaps she was trying to effect the look of a living, breathing sculpture, as pointed out by Yahoo News. And if you wondering if black people can still wear blackface, the answer to that is yes. @Marie02434580 put it best: “You can still do blackface if your black.The Ducke one didn’t bother me but painting Cindy Bruna who is light skin almost to Duckie shade/complexion is well😬.” We’ll keep you posted on all of the latest news about this Balmain show. In the meantime, check out Kylie Jenner‘s Balmain X Beats by Dr. Dre campaign in our gallery above.