alphaverse news – Return Google’s blob emoji! – Multiplatform turnarounds

May 1 2017 Pix isn’t going to die just yet. May 17 2017 [Virus revenge against 🐈 enemy] [There goes 🐇] (look at the leaderboard) May 18 2017 May 21 2017 🐰 and 🐇 triumphantly took me down! OH NO! THE 👭 PIX HAS DIED! 👭 enemy reached 6k! and 😺 reached 5.8k, already the ally 🐰, 🐈 and 🐇 died. 🌞😺 and Female Singer have died, letting the O-Betas take over. RIP! June 1 2017 A corruption point is developing! NO! THERE GOES PIX DEATH IN THE STORM! And next on,m we have 😺(87) towards burdenates and attempt to hunt, but… Nope, don’t want her yet, we move on to the next phase, but Rip 😺 (burdenates crying) Burdenation is coming! (why is anti-👭 sad?) (random lumojites talking) (😫) [There goes 🐰, 🐇 and 🐈 all dying from burdenation 😭] Now the other burdenate is coming! Rip 🌞 and Female Singer Annnnnnnnnnndddd rippp 👭….. [August 21 has passed and has ripped down all of our favorite emojis. But there is one solution. We save our lumojites with this….] [The 👭 starts getting hunted by our hidden species] There she goes! The burdenate is going down! 😇 [Hidden Species: 😂] [Meanwhile, the second burdenate, the 🐈 is burning down Lush Wonderland. The world is derelict. They will continue hunting after this.] Finally, the second burdenate takes the final hit! 😆 (looks at conflict resolution warning 😰) [burdenate rages to death] Back to our derelict city. The population fell to 4k overnight. [Our city is recovered, next the Turnaround. The server is much less crowded. Most of it was done by our sheperds from our population.] [lag] [I attempt to run for that splitrun… OH NO! HEAT DEATH! OUR TURNAROUND WAS SO CLOSE! LET US FINISH OUR GAME IN THE NAME Of OUR KING!