ABC Meteorologist Ginger Zee Admits She Once Tried to Kill Herself

ABC News chief meteorologist ginger Zee is opening up about her long battle with depression in an emotional interview with her colleague Robin Roberts ten days before I started my job at ABC News I checked myself into a mental health hospital she writes in her new memoir natural disaster I cover them I am one that she actually tried to take her own life I will always have that disease it’s not something that just magically goes away but boy I sought help and I actually committed to getting help just like anybody with cancer or any other disease then go to the hospital and that’s okay ginger who last year competed on Dancing with the Stars says covering Hurricane Katrina in 2005 changed her I dove into that store I’m thinking I got to see how high the water level is I got to see how you know the science part of it I get there I saw a body bags for the first time I saw real people with real struggles and I walked away from that storm ten days later with such real survivor’s guilt and such empathy and humanity [Music] you [Music]