110. Tiffany Trump, Barron Trump, Kristjen Nielsen vs DACA, Trump Leaves When?

hi guys so I hope you were able to hear me and everything I can't believe that's just so I thought it was something to do with my computer because I logged I logged on earlier to set up and then and then the whole thing just I just couldn't get in and I thought it was something that I had done but then I went on Twitter finally and they said if this website was down and I've been checking and it's now back on so so here we are okay okay great so I got some response so that's good so there's so much to talk about guys as usual there's just a lot of possible topics let me know if there's anything there you have a you feel a sense of urgency about okay I was I also added themes that I have never done before because I felt like specially with yesterday's reading and the reading and the themes I've been looking at they're so heavy and dark that I kind of I added Tiffani Trump and Bana I'm a bear and Trump because I thought those you know there's something kind of sweet about them I feel like they're not they won't be contaminated okay so I don't know if you want to do that just to have a because I want to do Erik Erik Prince Erik Prince is so dark that I feel like I want to do Tiffani just because um she sort of look like I don't know okay let's see what else what else Prince of Darkness yes and also know I was thinking of for fun for entertainment value also Kelly you know I haven't heard like Carol Kelly and Conway I did a reading on her a long time ago and I haven't she's been kind of like too disappeared sort of and the book mentioned that I think she her dream was to have to be on a talk show or to have a talk show or something and she's so she's just so um I don't know I'm likable and kind of slimy like all of them yes she could talk she can talk definitely but she's just like she has no empathy and she has no sense of timing yeah so Turner effects so oh my god so where else so I wonder not so I wonder if she if I should just kind of I know I should be more decisive about these things okay but maybe I'm trying to think here I kind of want to I kind of try okay let me just concentrate a little bit here try to think like what is what is most urgent what is most pressing collective question how did I am Diane had emailed me as well about asking about the whole thing with us should I ask about Tiffany maybe I should ask about it because Diana also also uh ha let me get started with Tiffany from because she she's kind of like a nice I feel like so much sex so much wider than everybody else okay so okay so what's up with um tell us about Tiffany Trump in her experience growing up and and her future because I feel like she's not connected to this she's much lighter okay so what's up with Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump just nice Tiffany Trump definite wrong – Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump and somebody emailed me I won't they won't name names saying that they knew that they knew somebody who knew her and I had her actually I had heard something similar from somebody who had worked for let's say let's say worked for the Trump family in some degree and had signed an NDA and said that Tiffany only she had no relationship with Trump growing up and then he only called her at a scheduled time once a week and that's it so anyway so Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump our experience growing up experience growing up and then what happens to her next because I'm more curious about her future than about anything else okay so okay so her childhood her I guess her adult years are still in progress in how kale so tell me about Tiffany Trump Tiffany Trump definitely Trump Maggie's saying I think it's amazing how the cars really do fall and tell this story yeah it's funny I I sometimes I feel like I'm too picky with a convex shuffle too much and iknow I chose the I know the order of cars and then I'm like oh should I sometimes I do that I'll do that and I go should I maybe I picked the wrong pile or something so I don't know I just so get because now I'm like what does this mean anyway so all right so the childhood I think it's interesting this is money okay and ship I think to me this means distance she was far away from her dad I don't know she was in the same I think she grew up in LA if I'm not mistaken her mother moved to LA or a long time ago this is a kind of this is a like fighting or factions upside down there were disagreements so maybe this was the divorce or something and this is a upset Family Values upside down coffin so an ending I feel like maybe her mushi moved the movie ended the relationship where there was not much of a relationship there okay and dealing with change changes are key yeah Diane is saying that Marlon it's funny because no she Marla maples is very close to Marianne Williamson who is this author I kind of like hard the omission not everything but I think I like a lot of things that she does so it's interesting that um so I yeah I feel like she would not be close to Marianne Williamson if she were like a hardcore pro-trump person so anyway guys so yes so here is the ship this the Sun so at the same time that I think this the ship here would indicate that she was kind of happy to be away from her dad and that there's like an ending I feel like I feel like essentially when she moved out to a California probably that there was an ending to their relationship and this is key to it's key to probably what explains their relationship later okay let's look into the adult years interesting so yeah so this is lovers upside down and I've said before this card like this means a harmony and like soulmate kind of situation if it's upside down I think this means disharmony and probably they just like each other so I mean any have the site so there was a basically a disharmony and I think probably she dislikes him to some degree and this is a card important card of karma so she probably feels that her dad is a burden for her okay and this dogs so this is I and I think the card the dog has come up in some readings as family members when I've done some personal readings and so forth and he really can trust and I think it makes sense here so I feel like here to to could mean her family and you have the Sun upside down so it's like I think this cut affected her family okay not just the dad but but but that's kind of a problem but that she is a group working together and lots of money so I feel like ultimately she benefits from the inheritance in some way okay or the wealth and that she gets but if you look at these together it's kind of interesting because it says that she feels let's see here China connected there's a cut to basically I think their relationship with her siblings but she she gets money right from from being in that family but at the same time she feels that the money is a burden okay so that's that alright so okay so that's it Baron okay alright so then okay so that's the adult years now III this part when I did the Yvonne Yvonne I gotta get them confused sometimes sorry the Ivanka I found it interesting it's like how she sees him and how he sees her so let's do now how he sees okay how know how she sees him how she sees him okay just me so kind of interesting so it's like strength so how she sees him as a strong snake so a person like he she thinks he's a snake and this is a card of heartbreak and kind of stress I feel like you know what I get from this is that he really stresses her out he really like was manipulative and like kind of yeah she doesn't like it but he's an opportunist okay he makes her feel because this is a card of blackmail okay and I think ultimately manipulation and pushing pushing people around to do their bidding so I think she he's an opportunist snake and I this is a averting death okay and meetings or our siblings and I feel like this is also card of siblings which i think is interesting here yes so so then it's interesting here and this is a card of the world okay position in the world and Fox so I feel like she knows that he that he does a lot of behind the scenes shady dealings and then he's a snake so he knows she knows this he's corrupt and I think the birds here because one time I don't forget exactly how but I feel like to me it's it it's a sign of it is siblings or are people around you people who talk around you so I feel like here it makes a lot of sense that let's see if I can hold it together like this so it's like he's a snake surround and everybody so is everybody who talks to her he the people that are around him okay and all the people that are around him are also participating the shady deals and that he's doing shady deals behind the world which is a little like literally right because he's the president so in a way he's a person who does shady things behind the behind the everyone's back but that ultimately he's an opportunist okay so it's an opportunity as an opportunist snake who does shady dealings absolutely right and that it's like the dead to death in a way it's like here diverting that I feel like it's like yeah they're just snakes kind of out for each other nobody can they can't be trusted okay okay so that's that that's how she sees him now let's see how he sees her I feel like this is a money he doesn't like this is a child okay so I feel like he doesn't like her it's almost like he's another number on the piano like he's she's another I don't know she feel like this indicator that he's not happy with it that the fact that he has to support her that he's a financial dream for him in some way and I think this is a this can be a card of like this is a kind of like a bratty somewhat abusive and and also this is a card of exactly that it just he feels that she's a waste of money exactly and this is a card of aggression and fighting so I feel like he can be and I think this is pretty clear his probably very abusive kind of verbally abusive towards her and kind of foolish but I feel like that's kind of the norm here for him okay from what we know of him and this is a person who can't get through okay trying to get through it can't get through and a man here and I don't know if I feel like this could be his role with her okay that he doesn't maybe he doesn't make much of an effort okay to get through and this is a debt or and this is a cart of a letter so I feel like it's an inheritance so if he feels like she's a burden a financial burden for him in some way that she has like he had the legal obligation to pay for her things but but with that stuff okay yeah I feel like cuz there's so there's discussion here Cynthia thinks that she's there for it I feel like in a way not to be like romantic about it but I feel like would you want to be his daughter like I would not want to be his daughter like no matter how much money you have if you don't it's like if you are the child of somebody like that either you are the perfect like about Ivanka is the perfect image right he likes that but if you're not the perfect image according to what he thinks is appropriate then you really suffer okay because narcissist my dad is a little bit like that like my dad I don't have much contact with it but he's not as bad as he's not as bad as Trump but it's sort of like a person who like they're kind of mean narcissistic people are very mean and they use that meanness to to kind of put you down and to in order to get what they want so I feel like that's what he does like you know probably like hey you're not quite like kind of like like petty little like you know Barb's and like you know you know I should be like this you're not like that exactly like so your role is to just look like a look at toy but you know sort of like that like you you you have an image over how you're supposed to do what you're supposed to say and if you don't do that then like they get upset okay so so if you know the also that what this wouldn't indicate to me is that – to me it's like he's a he's a dad in on paper okay in the sense that like yeah so it's like he dad on paper and he's just like that's it like and this is fighting okay so it's like and I think they had a kind of a difficult divorce if I'm not mistaken but I feel like it's also he's aggressive towards her and he is mean and not a nice person I mean we know that about him right so so that's the story and now what happens to her now this is interesting what happens to her after the Moller investigation well what happens to her after the mole investigation okay yeah I think she things look good for her I think like she this is how it is a card of a breakthrough in some way okay this is a breakthrough and it's interesting if you like this is a card of a long time or stability so she finally I think in some ways has peace of mind as stability as she craved and this is apathy or disappointment and tree here and I feel like you may be disappointed this with this I think some somehow could could get you could indicate people around her but you guys are saying you have to remember yeah so you have to remember that the whole thing about her inheriting money I don't think there's going to be much left honestly I think whatever was she did she got she already has and after this that's it okay so so this is a long-term growth or stability and this is power to get things done and I think news or new person I feel like it's almost like she comes to her own as she finds a new freedom power she's like feels empowered after that you know I feel like when everything when everything goes down then she suddenly feels that she has a place to go yes Diane asked that she just signed on and I said yes we're talking about Tiffany and I'm talking about what's going on you know what's up with her what's happening to her now we are after the mole investigation okay so so this is a card about entanglements okay so I feel like she feels that even though she's entangled by being part of the family you should see she somehow is able to expand our achieve her dream so that's good and it makes sense because sure you hear guys like so there's news or like I think a new arrival like a news about her dreams or I feel like she feels empowered and and things kind of work for her okay I feel like she still has a little bit of feelings that she's burdened with a name but I think ultimately okay so ultimately she grows and she expands and into herself like she becomes with who she really is without having to perform because I feel like you know there's something about her that she looks like a doll like not in like in the sense that she's like a little bit like this like she's performing in public okay and yeah I don't have a bad feeling about in terms of like I don't have a bad feeling about her at all yeah yep I did you're saying she's fortunate that Trump can't find a way to use it exactly because if she was another like robot daughter like like a step toward like what's her name Ivanka then he'll be like oh why don't you go pose nude for Playboy or whatever Lee you know that's probably like what he wants exactly Marla perfect exactly I feel like that's what he would have won um for her like Oh we'll be naked you know like and then I'm work for me or something look so so I feel like that's that's the thing okay so that was kind of well the magazine that all that no the negative cards are there there's this site and you have the coffin but it's just that they're just distributed in a way that are not the biggest of the whole collectively speaking their whole reading is not a bad reading okay and I feel like the bad stuff I think a lot of the earlier cards are worse than the future of Hearts – okay so so that's better now guys so if you have any somebody mentioned they wanted to find out about bear baron would you still want to find out more about Baron now okay if you have other preferences yeah let's do Baron because I feel like I kind of like after after yesterday's reading I'm like oh my god it was heavy and then today when I think of Erik Prince I'm like oh my god it's just so heavy but I still want to do we know do a reading on him because it's so such a big deal okay I'm trying to think of somebody else but okay let's do Baron I'm trying to think I should ask like because in a way his teen years and his cha his childhood is still I guess I could split his childhood his teen his teen years which is now and then I don't know it's like I'm worried about him you know actually Cynthia I don't think he will I feel like he will be one of those that because his a lot of times when the kids the ones that don't fit it's like somebody Fri which one of you said something like the kid that doesn't fit the dad's pattern okay then yeah let's see what I don't know I mean I don't know if actually I don't know if we can tell I just don't get a feeling that he's like the other so maybe the others know when they were kids they were like I feel like have you seen those those pictures of Eric and and what's-his-name the other one Donald Jr when they were geeky and I feel like they must have been so teased by their dad that yeah it's interesting the Melania even though I think she's very much somebody who was like not you know she's materialistic and shallow as I they all are I think she seems to be present in his life so let's see now I am I think I think you know I've had done yeah but they're very anti psychic as it's said that she has trouble collecting the money at the end okay she's not gonna get very much child support because he's gonna lose all the money okay so so she's now gonna get much left okay I don't know what happens to her but uh no and I said you know it's like there's nothing left like the money is going to be taken by the government or whoever like he owes money he never paid taxes it's all stolen money in some way or another you know that means so if she it's like if you have a deal with somebody like let's say you're a Bernie Madoff son supposed to inherit money and then and then he goes to prison and the money it's like kind of similar okay it's like he's money the money is gonna go away or everything no nothing guys wake up like no it's not how it is it's like if you are married to somebody let's say theoretically okay married somebody and then they are arrested by the SEC or whatever right then their money is gone you can't get money because the money is gone like you can't it's not one of those things where you have a it's not one of those things where you have a contract to say you'll pay me X but then if the money has already been taken by the government okay then it's over okay exactly it's sort of like let's say these that you're married to like a drug smuggler and you have like a huge house and everything so if the government takes your money you know if they're hit the person is arrested or whatever and loses the money then yeah then it means nothing nothing either you know what I mean so that's that's what happens I think okay yeah Diana C I think their cash for now I don't they actually I think now they're cash-rich because of all the corruption right there must be getting a lot more money and by the way guys did you see the news about how the government is looking into cash deposits from the Russian from like the Russian embassy because I've read I have this like weird obsession all spies or whatever right so there is wife a very famous American spy who is who still in prison his name is Aldrich Ames and he's serving consecutive life sentences so the way that the CIA caught him was that the he Lord they looked at his bank deposits he was he was working in the Russian section of the CIA or something like that and then he would meet with a Russian person and they noticed every time he wouldn't meet with a Russian person he would get a substantial amount cash deposit amount so anyway so right now they're doing they are looking at the money that's coming from the Russian embassy in and going and right after the annexed Crimea that Ukraine thing like a part of Ukraine these cash deposits like there was a lot of cash that was exchanged so so they're thinking that they could be there could be something okay anyway yes so that's interesting that they are I feel like they're looking at these cash deposits probably to figure out to look at all this suspects probably and see who's getting like who's getting these cash deposits where is it going okay so anyway so that's I just thought it was interesting just apropos of what the news story but that's too bad baron so Baron Trump what happens to bear and Trump let's look at his childhood his seniors and what happened in his adult life in general okay how he sees his dad how his dad season okay so Baron Trump Baron Trump mr. Baron Trump – um what happens to Baron Trump what Maggie is asking what report is I think it's something on on BuzzFeed because there's this guy who's friends with James Comey his name is Benjamin W itts vitas I forgot what what's his name it's a yeah W ITT as you can find it on Twitter he's like oh you know what it was like his a nerdy lawyer person and there's a blog called loft fair blog okay so he's like one of those people in this vlog so he I followed him onto it and I think is on BuzzFeed I read it on BuzzFeed so anyway so okay guys so bear and Trump bear and Trump what happens to bear Trump what happens to bear on this sounds like a nice sweet kid I'm going to type the name of the person who I foggy vitas I think okay so he is on Twitter he's friends with James call me anyway so Baron Trump yes know how because I feel like this the so-called resistance or the people like it's always the same it's Lawrence tribe is another one as he's a lawyer famous law professor interesting person to follow and who else another one if you like those people who are technical I love following them because I feel like I learn a lot and I don't know obviously much about law so kind of interesting so okay so his fine home this is energy and and I feel like again this is another card or think I don't know if it's him but it's like a friendly person or a family person and this is a lover's and in a way karma or like a heavy burden okay you know what I think this okay I'll show you what I think this means guys it's kind of strange but I feel like the Bert his birth created of like created a distance between Melania and Trump okay and this is isolation okay isolation a person who's like living in their own world and somebody mentioned autism I don't know if it could mean and this is distance so I feel like his isolation or his like living in his own world means because there was a distance from probably from his dad or from his other siblings okay and this is a impress upside down I think this is the mother right like this and I'm like seeing upside down so then some created some problems with the mother in some way okay yes so Patti Joe said he wasn't born perverso Trump has no time for me exactly so I feel like here what I think this means is that the distance created problems for Melania okay or like they were their distance that like the distance from the dad or from the family create like the distance created problems for a Melania for him so basically you have here the dog I think is probably him okay the dog and it's like well he came out of a maybe and I don't know if he wasn't expected or something like that but it's like this is a creator a burden okay or a sense of something dark here and worries about something that's hidden maybe you're right like there's something hidden about him or his condition or something like that okay and he's isolated so there's a nice sense of isolation loneliness about him okay and that there's something where I feel like like there could a sense of yeah the word that came to my mouth would dislocation but something like there's a distance about him or like he's removed from something from the world or like from how Trump likes to you're right that he's not like he's not one of these kids was like and I don't know like I don't know much about boys but I feel like he's not one of those was like playing sports or like he's the quarterback or like whatever like very how do you say it like very cliche boy or something you know what I mean like if you if you're a little bit you know how I especially even Trump's like policy this is all about a cliche of a person not a real person so it's like if you don't fit the cliche exactly not a jock not a person like that then it's like sorry you know whatever okay so that's the childhood let's see now the teen years should I ask yeah let's see the teen years because I had asked before so there's a gift here or an invitation and he doesn't want it and it could be that moving to Washington or like or that he doesn't like he doesn't it's like if we look at this literally it could mean that he doesn't like what he was given he doesn't like it to me if I'd feel that a privileged that he has is not what he wants he doesn't like it and this is a sense of this is a Carter when something happens quickly also a travel in pain so something painful stressful okay and I feel like maybe it's the sudden twist of fate maybe okay sudden twist of fate create a pain for him it's painful to be privileged in the way that he's privileged now okay this is a card of implementing plans maybe he had they he had plans or ideas he wanted two things you wanted to do but he can't upside down long-term problems so I feel like he's privileged causes long-term problems for him okay here on top he stood together the privilege that he doesn't like ends up causing long-term problems for him and it's interesting this is like averting an ending okay or something coming to an end and happy so huh okay this is gonna sound kind of weird to say but I feel like okay I'm just gonna go ahead and say guys if his dad dies he's not he's not that sad about it okay I feel like and I feel like almost like he'd be happy if the whole thing comes to an end okay I feel like guys I'm I don't think I'm watching I'm almost there like I feel like I'm kind of in my own world in some ways as well boys been like I know exactly what it's like to be like that I don't think I am like him though in a way that how I grew up like in Brazil it's like a very social place so but I think you can be in you I'm kind of in my own world kind of person or whatever anyway so it doesn't mean that it's bad I just just said you kind of have to carve your own path that's tough sometimes especially if you're in that kind of family Lorraine so anyway so alright so so you see the gift or the privilege causes long-term problems for him and the gift and the privilege also causes pain but at heart he's happy he's happy that like he can't wait for this to end basically okay and I don't know that like it's just this is the teen years and he's barely entered that teen year so it's possible that he will live through the real hardships of everything but that Indiana he's happy he and I feel like you know it's almost like I see him talking to somebody like telling you what happened in his life sort of like guys you was horrible you know when the whole thing ended and it was like such a mess my dad was so out of it and like but you know what I'm sorry to say this I'm happy I was so much happier when it ended okay so I feel like that's kind of how I feel like whatever struggles it has ah and ultimately okay so then how does he see his dad okay I think this is Melania okay queen of Wands and he likes he's like he likes his mom and gave him what his mom makes him happy and I think this is a cart of the boss it could be a matriarch but he also be related to the mother but I think it in this case could be that the dad is the boss and this has hit the wrong focus oh he is the boss of things like a wrong works he works and kind of shady things okay I and I I almost see him like saying hey my dad is a gangster man seeing something like that okay he's like my dad is crazy or something okay and this is interesting this is a part of theft election he thinks his dad stole the election which is good he probably knows better than we do and that he's dead this is probably his dad okay there's that is famous now are like is recognizing thinks his dad is famous I don't know and if I look at this like this it's interesting because it's almost like my dad is famous because he stole the election like oh yeah my dad is FA the guy who got really famous because he stole an election and this is could also mean that it could also mean that uh that he that he has a warm relationship with his mother or that he's looking at how he has a so he looks in at his dad with a more detachment basically wanting to find out like what he is like and what he today so so that's that's that how he sees his dad now I see how his dad sees him this is chariot so it's like this is a cart of control okay chariot like this control and willpower like this maybe he thinks is a little bit lazy or something like that he talks a lot I don't think it talks a lot he's just like yeah this is a cart of conversations and talks meeting and this is like this is like the emotions turn like something changed with her emotions and this is a woman probably Melania so it possible that he yes it's possible that Melania he feels that once Baron came along then the relationship with Melania changed okay and then maybe he he talks to Melania a lot or something like that and this is a aggressive and marriage I don't know exactly see how how that connects with the other things okay and this is a person who won't give up is not giving up in a book so it could mean this this is a book I don't think this is a secret I think guys because special is he's in school now it could mean that he's actually very intelligent never gives up when it comes to books meaning he's very smart okay very book book smart or very intelligent I don't know it could be I don't know I actually honestly guys I don't for some reason I don't know anything about him but I feel like he could be one of those kids who were like actually very intelligent but kind of like poorly socially awkward yes Savan it's funny I call myself an idiot savant sometimes like on a different social media there's another social media participate because I'm like that you remember a lot of things and you're like have a yeah okay anyway so okay guys so anyway so um so this is interesting because we could all you know this could also you know what this could also mean guys something that it's not related to study okay this is also related just something secret secret related to Melania and their marriage okay it's almost you know what I feel like also maybe you know what this could mean to you could also mean that Melania and Trump had obviously day their marriage is more like a business deal okay I think obviously everybody probably thinks that so I feel like they have I'm sorry him and Melania kind of had a lot of conversations and make deals in a way about having this child this child was part of the business deal of the marriage in some way okay could also mean that okay since Trump sees people in terms of how they relate to him or they fulfill his ideas of everything then this would make sense okay now let's see what happens after the Moller investigation happens – Baron after the mole investigation okay so this is a he wants to unburden himself in public in public he may talk you know interesting you know what he could have happened that he could actually eventually talk about his family in public and there's disappointment probably with the shenanigans that went behind the scenes like he feels guilty or feels like his dad was a monster maybe okay something like that so public shenanigans behind things become pop public and this is uh this is disappointment there's a lot of disappointment and long-term disappointment or like he wants to move on from disappointment and get something something I'm more permanent okay our stability okay so okay so okay this is the last card guys before I put everything together this got okay I'll just like ever since I started these readings I've said I want to be honest as well as as possible even though even when things look bad or even when weird cards come up so that's what I'm going to do so this is a card of ace of cops happy with a sigh okay so happy that things cut came to an end but I honestly okay guys I don't know I don't hate looking into these sort of things okay I'm not I don't want to be like conspiracy theorist or anything like that but I feel like honestly when I look at this I'm like uh suiciders like I don't know that's what I feel like I'm like for some reason I just said like is it suicide like I don't know I don't want I don't think it is okay I don't want to be like super dark but I feel like the site that he's happy okay there's another thing that I thought was a little strange here okay this this part here where he's happy there's an end with an ending and here he's happy with a scythe there's something about it like yeah maybe could it could be that he's happy that things came to an end okay he's very happy but I also feel like there's something there where he wants this to end or he's happy with an ending or he wants like he's something like that okay I just I'm just gonna put it out there and say it okay because um it doesn't mean like I said I don't know those things this is like very dark words but I feel like he wants permanent and like permanent ending permanent and they too like because you have here public scheanette public shenanigans behind the scenes everything comes to an end and this permanence and the public something like like he's forever known for something or like his family kind of like something like yeah like he's forever tainted with that with the darkness of that family okay and and he's happy like the ending it's forever okay so so what happened trying to you know what what happens thinking is it though like his thirties and forties or whatever okay yeah here if something happens I don't know hmm yeah I mean I feel like I don't think you know what I think it's too far like I feel like it's I think it's like a death game and then the snake I feel I don't know it's how it's too hard to tell it's fine I don't know I like I think that's it it's uh I think he's happy the things come to an end I think it would look if he whatever he does in his thirties and fourties seems very normal there's nothing really out of the ordinary about the cards that came up it doesn't really matter like too much but I feel like what I sense from him is that much more than Tiffany he feels very burdened by the whole thing okay he feels like he hates being this position of like being caught in a cluster for work environment where he has to be a certain way and he hates the people around his dad I think so um so I feel because at least Tiffany she was saved by her distance right she lived in a different state she was far away from her dad but there and it's like he's Linda's look at the bubble he lives there with his mom and his mom you know for all like her niceness or whatever all she does is like go to hair appointments or in a shop or whatever like get Botox okay that's her job I don't think that yeah like what does she do really like she isn't ofor is nice and she can be she probably has several nannies and and it's not like let's just get real not like she's super you know exactly she does nothing she does nothing for and I've read many reports that said that she hates being she doesn't like deceit she does you like Sheila is basically ladies who lunch that's her life that's what she likes they kind of like putting it you know wearing clothes and like going away like she that's her job okay and and so so that's that guys so that was that was a barrier yeah I feel like he's just he feels in prison by the situation okay and he'll like I feel like his whole life you know those children of like billionaires like I remember what was the air of like the Gettys or something like those people who are like javis like names there have let me have money but now but there's like a lot of darkness surrounding it sort of sort of like that I don't all though I don't think you'll land up for very much money because of me they made yeah exactly end up doing gross stuff like that yeah so sort of like he may he may end up with very little and I know honestly I don't I get a sense that he's a nice kid like there's nothing he seems to be aware of what's going on okay and he seems kind of nice his own way and we'll see yeah it's funny I really don't get it I get a sense oh maybe that's my affection that he like work hard and like have a normal life like he's very I think he's a very maybe I'm wrong it could be that he's developmentally weird but I feel like his intelligence in his own way and I think he's just gonna lose you know he's not gonna have like that like the older boys like he's not gonna have the family business you know cuz I don't think yeah I don't think that he's gonna have much left or see I don't think have stalin's to sell condos or whatever you do with Trump so that's that done so so that's that so next I think there's room for one more reading and I'm trying to think so there's a lot of Republicans there's Kellyanne there is there is us I want to do Sarah Huckabee cinders yeah trey gowdy yeah Kristin you know what I was thinking like what about I want Kristen is she to like low and she's to like you want to do who dies like I said Patrick Kristen so the we're between trey gowdy Kellyanne Tristan okay who whose shoe who wins here Kevin McCarthy oh my god the worst yeah I've done Sarah Huckabee yeah so okay what should i okay Christian what happens let's find out more about this woman just quit you know but it's not gonna be a super in-depth let's go and look into this and like she's so random what's going on Christian I don't know anything about Christian Nilson okay so just use that one who works for in the Department of Homeland Security so let's find out more about her what happens to her because she is shady okay and then I just want to find out what cuz i I don't know that she's involved with a trump-like the molar investigation so let's just ask I'm just gonna do kind of a timeline for her see what happens next okay what's happening with her who is she what's the deal her like what's the deal who's this woman Christian Nielsen okay was Christian Nielsen what happens what heroines to deal with her Christian Nielsen the woman who is openly racist who said that Trump didn't say those things in the meetings when and he obviously said who is this woman a Christian Nielsen on what happens to her what's up with the Christian Nielsen what happens to her what's the deal with Christian Nielsen what happens to her what's the deal a Christian he'll so no one has a star yeah well I think Patti Joe asked if like if she can Hawaii about a meeting I feel like the whole thing will homeland security is all about it's all about racism like being implementing those racist policies that's all it's all about okay like I see that's under them okay so that's there that's there I think that's the main priority of this administration is like treating immigrants badly okay so that's the danger so Kristin your songs – yeah it's just promoted by Kelly who also convinced jump on daca yeah he's against daca there's the whole thing it's like I feel like there's this whole I mean there's a movement quote unquote of like maybe in the media of like passing Kelly as acceptable as like reasonable or something and I think that guy he's just scary like he you know in a sense he's a really hardcore racist person that and that's that's him I mean you saw him like talking to Frederick oh listen I think her name is very like a racist hardcore racist person and I think that's how this administration has no just has no like you know they don't have anything they don't stand for anything other than racism and whatever Russia wants okay exactly okay just tell me all this – my Christian and no heart exactly okay so exactly Michelle said they totally lost their minds one of elephant keepers exactly it's like I'm I just feel like honestly I think this administration is all about racism that's really where their heart is okay I really believe that like I don't think they have the whole thing with Russia's like I think okay that my theory about this whole Russia thing is that Russia had their southern strategy quote-unquote okay so basically they understood that they could get into the minds of the Republicans by playing the race card okay by saying like how they could you know imagine a world where there's just wide people they got so excited so they started to like well I'm Megazine the base was not just the base it's the politicians because Russia first got to the politicians before they got to the base like they they seduced them that way by thinking that you know pushing these ideas that you know just put just make things the way they were before yes exactly the politicians do with it but I think it's like they really are very smart about understanding how these people think so they really push that the anti like the anti like the basically hardcore racism from from forever okay so I feel like they understood how to sit how to like again the Southern Strategy apply the Southern Strategy and be like look we can get it about Obama like a ball most horrible you don't need that like you know KKK KKK NRA and all those things like they got infiltrated by Russians like I mean I don't know ki but I know in our NRA so okay so guys this is the the central column for this is Krista Nielsen okay so she likes allusions she loves it loves the allusions she's happy with the offer or happy with the deal okay or marriage or something like that oh you know oh my god okay another same thing okay cuz he you know I saw these cards and I was like I wonder if she has an affair with what's-his-name Kelly if she'd they have something going on I don't know anyway just cuz it's like happy she's happy married or happy with a married person or something like that okay anyway so this Krista Nielsen the center okay all right so okay beginning and this guy's this could be this is interesting this is the beginning this is sudden or quickly and this is conversations or meetings and I think this is about Dhaka this is a weak strength upside down means weakness and child so I feel like she wants to weak quickly she quickly started meetings about how to weaken the position six like that's what I think it's like she very quickly put into strategies to weaken the children that's what it feels like so conversations meetings about the children and how to weaken them okay so that that will be daca and so so this is a wheel of fortune upside down and I feel like and this is money so I feel like in some ways she got Paige to turn things down turn things around in terms of immigration okay I feel like there's a lot of money behind her in some way and this is a person who has a lot of energy and this is Russia or could be her but I think for some reason I do still think this is could be Russia so I feel like could be either but uh yeah I feel like I feel like she okay so this is money big money behind from Russia or it could be her you know talking about her oh my god yes oh my god you guys is true because cybersecurity and hold my god I can't even makes me wanna throw up oh my god because oh my god so homeland Julie is saying homeland cybersecurity is in your vide immune fide position so it's like it's even worse because if she isn't ight like she just does whatever Russia wants okay so and obviously we know that cybersecurity and Russia are like terrible right they just want to screw us over so so yeah this is money you either related to her over there to Russian either either way it's not good I'll just put these together so so you guys can see the whole thing it's like meetings about how to weaken the children and getting money probably from Russia so like Russia in a way could be could be supporting the anti-immigration hardline because it's like it creates more division maybe okay and so so on it's like she's happy to put up the illusion gives on top it's like a lot like castles in the air' so it's like this card right on top here so she's happy the conversations that how related to a lot of money make her happy or also you know it's funny because this Carter the fish also came up a lot one else doing readings of all the dreamers because it's like a lot of people okay the fish is like a large quantity of them or people in some ways so it could also be the still confront confirming that lots of people conversations about like how to think turn things around for the worse all like hundreds of oh my god you guys oh my god got goose bumps now you know whatever what it is you know how fish can be migratory to like they kind of they move depending on the temperature of the water I think so okay I'm pretty sure I don't knows I'm not a super biology person but I'm thinking that so could this could also mean migration or immigration in some way let's say the same as birds so anyway so so I just feel like the whole thing with her is to weaken the position of immigrants and she wants to oh you know what it is it's like deals about the children she wants to do yes so if I feel like it's like she wants to make these deals to weaken the children and she's happy to keep on with the illusion that's what again from her okay and so this was up to this center now let's see the two more columns that would indicate the future okay so it's funny justice makes an offer I don't know what this means okay so could all could you know cuz this could be the Department of Justice also okay and this is heartbreak and the scythe so it could mean that she gets removed okay because I think as I've seen before whenever the site comes especially see what it means are they are removed in some way at some point okay and I don't know I think this because everything is about her I don't think that the person who who has the heart for the public I think it's her so she is she's removed I think she or maybe she gets a deal to leave something like that okay and this is a burden and network or expansion and this is a king could be a leader of some sort and news news about so what did I also feel like there's what gonna be news of an ending okay it could also mean that this could be an expansion of the investment news of an expansion and the invitation of the governor of Justice or justice comes in some ways and and so basically news of an ending and news of the expansion so it's possible I think also that she has to leave when the hole in the news about the investigation is delivered the whole thing okay so I don't think I don't know that she gets to go to jail or something like that but I think the whole thing gets cut hopefully okay because if we look so that I'll show you there's another method here called mirroring so it's like you the columns they're like kind of like mirror each other you'll read them together so here we could say that there's all you know the just to get justice gives a gift to the immigrant kid the immigrant kids here and things that are related to Russia I get hot okay so you could read it that way and you could also read it the other way here which is the end at the beginning so here is like conversations meetings about an extension and the unburdening on behind it can also mean that people start talking and more facts come to the surface so it's an expansion in a way here and the news about the children okay the news about the week and children so in a way this is the beginning of this is in it but that when you flip it like that it also means I feel like okay looking at the whole thing together she's part of the team okay the team of the liars basically because that's what it said like she's happy here she's happy with the illusion and she has happy with the deal there she knows the drill she know what the deal is okay so but then she fights to to turn things badly for to make things bad for the immigrants okay and she is seduced by the whole pro-russia thing but if it but ultimately justice expands and gives gifts to people I mean that there's there's news of something related to justice and then that creates an ending for her okay she's cut I think ultimately because of those the development legal developments and there's news of her cut but there's also news about better things for the kids I think oh you know what I think I ultimately think she loses the battle against the children and and I think she loses status because everybody related to the Russia thing I mean everybody who came with the administration comes to a nice light let's see here okay guys well okay okay so will should be around I'm just just a random like a question will should be around by November 2018 let's see should be around yeah I don't know yeah yeah I feel like yeah I feel like an opportunity for yeah I don't think here opportunity for her reputation things come to to the light and then she's found guilty like I think something about it I think she's gonna leave out of self-protection okay so so that's that okay that's what I think about her that she is part of the whole crew of racists and that she wants I think she's very anti-immigration that's what I get here she wants to make things bad for the children and then she's removed once I think she is moved once what's the investigation like goes further okay and yeah okay all right guys so now I think unless and I feel like unless you have a question about something quick yeah I wish time was you know I have to I feel like I've have to study this a little bit more because a lot of times people count because okay so this is the main challenge is that if you there's a method that goes year by year okay so like the problem with let's say the Trump administration let's say let's say okay let's let's do a trial let's do this now the Trump administration I saw a method that we have to make the assumption that Trump is gonna leave this year okay let's say the Trump is going to the administration is gonna end this year because either we look at something like you there's a method where we I pick the death card okay yeah Lucia Lucia you know what right now I think it's a little bit late I think it's great Lucy a great question about Cory Booker but I think it's you know those kinds of readings about that there's like I think I need at least half power and I think I'm not gonna have a half power but let's do something like an experimental okay it's something about when okay let's say because people ask about time when will the Trump administration end okay guys so okay so this is the I tell you the what the issues are so the problem with when is that we have to pick before the whole thing before I choose it cannot be open to the completely open-ended because I can't tell you like the day of the or the year or something like that okay you have we have to kind of choose a timeline like it can't be like oh it's like you know in five years or five four years or whatever okay so I think wait let's let's okay let's let me put this put it this way let's assume that the Trump administration is going to come to an end within a year and so what I'm going to do there's thirty six cards here for the Lou Norman's okay well let's do a year's Cynthia because I think our year is realistic because let me explain how how will you do it so I choose the death card as that as the card that that is the car that indicates the month okay so so what I do is I shuffle the cards and I separate them like little mounts okay so I'm going to do one so each each mound is a little month okay so for example we are in January which is easier so it's like I'm gonna cut the cards and it's going to be one whatever the death card shows that's the month that it ends okay but yes but it's no but Donna let's say there's going to be let's say you can't hear me can you guys hear me at all no can you guys can I can you anybody else say you can pay I don't know yeah other people can hear okay so anyway dying may be something else I don't know okay so basically a Florida menu is this I'm gonna split whatever the death card Falls is the month where it's gonna end so let's let's say the trump presidency ends when Trump leaves the presidency that's how that's how we're going to define it okay so the Trump presidency ends when Trump is no longer president let's just put it this way okay all right so when is when Trump is not present so I am assuming that let's just do it for the year of 2018 where you're starting already with the assumption it's gonna end this year okay I'm dying some Toshi's can't hear me so I can't I don't know like there's nothing I'm going to to do this now and it's show you what will assuming that it's gonna end within one year we're going to find out when in 2018 it's fine so please tell us by showing where the death card is located when Trump is going to leave the presidency okay okay okay so January February March April I'm just gonna show you all the cards until we find that okay okay April May June July August September October November December okay then we start again January February March April May June oh my god July August September October November December oh my god okay January February March oh yes March March guys so excited okay so okay guys so that's okay so okay that's when the the cards that's what the cards would indicate okay so if it's within and again guys I will not take this super seriously it's just a method that I've found that it's interesting okay because there are other methods that you can look at this year Cynthia because I was explaining before that what happens is this and this is a challenge okay and we could try you know let's try quickly wait like because like I said it's not an open-ended system it's a system where we have to pick would pick the whole length of time so I said before it's for the year okay it's for one year so okay so then we could do for two years okay which would be just to test it again or something but for now if it's with in 2018 that's where we have this card okay wait it's in March so so that's that okay we'll see because there's other ways of counting like for example like randomly Heil so this got to look at this card here okay so if we look at try to find out about the timing there's different ways you can find out about the timing so here it's like this is card 29 you see here okay so it could be 29 months to 9 29 weeks or the day 29 okay and then here we have the ace and I feel I forgot how you count cards but I think the ace is the highest right so it's like would be 14 so there's just like so you see what I mean so it's like you have to predetermine how are you gonna count it because it's like so so if let's say if the card lady was how we were gonna count then it would be like 29 weeks so what's what you know I mean those kinds of things are a little bit complicated because I think I still think that this method that I did now even though it's experimental it's probably the best thing is just to have a reading just on timing because you don't know okay you don't know when or how so that's the story so who knows how it'll be fun I really don't believe that the whole thing is gonna last longer than then like August or something guys I don't they honestly I think it's gonna be a little later than March but but I think like Moeller is very close like if he's all right I mean by the way who does that like what they did would Bannon did they give him they gave them what is it called oh my god what does it call the whole thing the gag order you can't say certain things and if you do that I'm sorry like hello we know what that means they're guilty like why can't he talk about stuff yeah that's ridiculous like like who does that right it's like it's it's almost like Muller's probably laughing like ha ha ha like then that's what I should ask like why is the White House like what is the White House like what do they not want him to say and that's the answer okay so the guy is so guilty it's not even funny okay so I feel like if they feel that it's getting closer then it's possible that that it okay I feel like the whole thing at why I think it's gonna be early in the year oh my god Natalie yes Natalie really oh my god I love I love it when people are like oh so and so also said that this and I'm like oh my god I love it I love it I hope Natalie is right too she also got March yes I hope so because I feel like you know how I think several people had said I don't know if I think Kristen Christmas had that and also uh Tracy Tracy Brown said that he leaves and Kristen said something similar so I feel like after I always forgot her last name but Kristen anyway but she said he leaves so I feel like a lot of people say that he leaves because I think the whole thing when he realizes what the deal is with with Muller how long and how drainie that's going to be and he can't get away from it he may choose to okay to leave instead so let's see if Kristen Langston exactly yes Kristen Langston is Tracy exactly both said something like that that it would be like you would we is so like that's what I Hey you you sorry so yeah yeah that yes I so soon okay because uh that's that guy so we'll see I mean it'll be amazing can you imagine if like I don't know I would explode with happiness if he leaves if this administration ends can you imagine it's like heaven on earth honestly my god I said that was that okay I think I'm gonna I think it's today I think we had a we had many readings so tomorrow I'll continue tomorrow there's another one and there's so many subjects to cover so there's never like nah you know it's never the case where we have nothing to say so yeah so it's a good because honestly it's like we're it's like we're in the middle of a nightmare it seems like it's never going to end so so it's nice to feel like there's gonna come it's gonna come to an ending so um anyway so yes yes oh you love y'all yeah well I love you guys thank you for for support and talking to you guys um it's fun to have like people who share this this concern it's concerned with the world okay all right so guys see you tomorrow okay I'll be back on and oh by the way I didn't have your email so I couldn't email anybody won the whole thing well there was a probable patreon all right I'll get that your guys's emails and an email you if anything else happens like that like today with patreon all right okay so see you tomorrow the same time bye bye