☕ ABC’s Stephanopoulos Smears Tulsi Gabbard 🇺🇸 Daily Beast and Politico Smear Tulsi! #tulsi2020

ABC News smears tulsi gabbard again I thanks for watching today is Monday and
I would like to talk to you about a story from yesterday that happened on
this week with George Stephanopoulos this is a news program that’s weekly on
every Sunday a lot of people will only get their news from Sunday morning
programs my dad is one of those people he doesn’t watch the nightly news he
doesn’t watch CNN and Fox News and MSNBC throughout the week that’s too much for
him but he does like to watch his Sunday morning news programs if you don’t know
George Stephanopoulos he got his start he was the director communications for
Bill Clinton’s 92 campaign and later became the White House communications
director now he’s no longer in politics per se he’s got a show on ABC but he
still does like to smear people that go against the DNC establishment and as
evidence of that here’s him speaking with Tulsi Gabbard
you said we have to end the new Cold War and you have taken a notably softer line
on Vladimir Putin in Russia than some other Democrats and Republicans want to
put up a headline from The Daily Beast this week that said Tulsi gabbard’s
campaign is being boosted by Putin apologists and you know in the past you
met with Assad you defended Russian military operations in Syria you opposed
the arrest of Julian Assange suggested that Russian election meddling is no
worse than America’s historically do you believe that Vladimir Putin is a threat
to US national security okay so that was the question
he didn’t just ask a simple question he could have just asked his Putin a threat
to national security you see this is only a six minute
segment that’s all the time that they have but he felt the need to put in all
of these this list of things before his question such as you have a softer line
on Putin and Russia right that’s a negative thing he puts up
a Daily Beast article side-by-side with her which is a total smear job and I’ll
explain that a little bit later that he that Tulsi met with Asad without giving
her time to explain that that she defended Russian military operations in
Syria without giving her time to explain that talked about being opposed to the
arrest of Julian Assange without giving her time to explain that talking about
Russia meddling in the election being no worse than what America does without
giving time to explain that he gives this big laundry list of negative things
about her without giving her time to explain now she does a nice job in
pivoting and answering the question the way that she would like to I think it
came across very well but this is not fair journalism you’re not just asking a
question he’s not just asking hey is Putin and
threat to national security because that would be fair ask a question get an
answer what he’s doing is he’s put out this huge list of things that she cannot
answer there’s only two minutes left in the segment
she can’t address all of the things that he’s dumping on her and to put up this
Daily Beast article on the right-hand side is just a total smear but first
here’s her response you know it’s unfortunate that you’re citing that
article George because it’s a whole lot of fake news what I am focused on is
what is in the best interest of the American people what is in the best
interest of our national security keeping the American people safe and
what I’m pointing out consistently time and time again is that our continued
wasteful regime change wars have been counterproductive to the interests of
the American people and the approach that this administration has taken in
essentially choosing conflict rather than seeing how we can cooperate and
work out our differences with other countries in the
world has been counterproductive to our national many Democrats have been
tougher on vladimer I think that was an excellent response given the terrible
smear of a question but let’s go over to this Daily Beast article that was put up
side-by-side on the screen as he was giving this question says Tulsi
gabbard’s campaign is being boosted by Putin apologists now right off the bat
you’ll see right at the top here we have Chewbacca
bites Shivalik which is dog bites man in Russian so we’ve got the Russian
Cyrillic alphabet up there too you know that’s that’s evil right that’s that’s
what they’re trying to get across here these guys that wrote the article
Lachine mark a and Sam Stein they’re too stupid to even get their joke right it’s
the translation is dog bites man dog bites man is not an article right
it’s supposed to be man bites dog that’s what’s interesting that’s the old
journalistic trope is man bites dog and they got it wrong Chewbacca bites shil
Avik is dog bites man they are either too stupid to understand what they did
there or they don’t double check any of the work that they do either way it
doesn’t reflect well on the writers of this hit piece now what we learn in the
article what they did is they went through all of Tulsi gabbard’s donors so
70,000 or so donors and they found two people in there that they have an
objection to one of which is a Russian language professor at NYU gave a
donation to tulsi gabbard and the second person is someone that used to work at
RT Russia today the television network in in DC that’s it but because these two
people gave her a dough nation they are going to smear her as
being odd this is who Putin is for it’s a total total smear job and of all
people Nancy Pelosi explains this she calls it the wrap-up smear called the
wrap-up smear you smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you
merchandize it and then you write it unless I see it’s reported in the press
that this this this and this so they have that validation that the Press
reported the smear and then it’s called the wrap-up smear now I’m going to
merchandise the presses report on the smear that we made it’s it’s a tactic
and see that’s what happened here The Daily Beast wrote a smear job article on
Tulsi Gabbard and then she went on this week with George Stephanopoulos and then
he put that smear up side by side of her and validated that original smear job
now it comes full circle because Politico wrote about this and they put
out something afterwards says Gabbard calls unflattering report fake news it’s
not just an unflattering report the article is a total smear job and it is
fake news but here we have a David Bevers on Politico talking about this
incident that happened on ABC News and in his article here he says fake news is
a favorite phrase of President Donald Trump in the last two months he’s
tweeted it more than two dozen times so now we have Politico referencing the ABC
News appearance referencing The Daily Beast article it’s a smear job
it’s a smear job it’s a smear job and it is a perfect example of the wrap-up
smear this is how the media takes one thing and then they report on what the
other people are reporting on and they can just do this forever this is not
journalism this is awful this is a smear job The Daily Beast
George Stephanopoulos and ABC News and Politico should all be embarrassed for
what they did here but they won’t because they’re part of the system let
me know your thoughts in the comments peace