Василий из «Чернобыля». История реального ликвидатора [ENG SUBS]

Did Vasya came home in the uniform? No. He was never in the uniform I did not see him in the uniform Tatyana Ignetenko – mother of Vasily I didn’t see the movie nor read about it. In my opinion is not like his His face is more round. Here, look at this portrait. He said: “I will work only as a firefighter”. He liked his job. Well, we knew that there was some power plant Pripyat was a young and beautiful city They were living in a dorm with his wife We went from our village to pripyt for chickens, goslings And on April 26 they wouldn’t let us into the city They said that at the nuclear power plant there was a huge fire Well, if there was a fire, he was there They went in any hell. They were young and passionate They said: “If not us, who else willdo the job?” Father asked him: “You want to be a firefighter?Can you do it” “Of course I can” “Dont talk me out of this, I decised, so I’m going to do this” And they went on top there, extinguishing the fire If they did not extinguished it, the fire could have spread to the next reactor Vasily had 1400 roentgen although the norm was 400 This is the last norm, the maximum They said that the coffin was wooden But put in a zinc lined Everything is welded And if he is there, nobody knows Lusya was pregnant and beared a daughter Vasya said if we’ll have a daughter, name it Natasha Natasha lived 4 days We didn’t knew And then at the cemetery after 4 or 5 years, Lyudmila said Right here your granddaughter is buried Lyudmila and Vasily are the heroes in the book “Voices from Chernobyl” 4 o’clock, 5, 6 At 6 we planned to go to his parents Lusya writes it Mother often remembers with the father that they did not want to let him go to the city This is the truth I am reading an article in a newspaper Svetlana Alexievich – author of the book And it says that the parents of the deceased firefighter went to the village People break into the village and take everything they can. Although this is not allowed And these people took everything, down to the cans of cucumbers And I was struck by the discrepancy of the tragedy and human attachment to the usual order of things neither the book, nor the series tells about the main family relic When he was last time with us, he said: “Mom, let me make a bench for you” He made and painted it himself And everytime we move to another home, we carry it with us We leave some things, but not the bench